New Year, New Journal

I've been a little absent lately, but that is because I was adapting to life as a new mom!  We welcomed our little Gem to the world in October! It has been a whirlwind of doctors appointments and family in and out of town and holidays, but now that things are finally starting to settle into … Continue reading New Year, New Journal

Bullet Journal – Review

I am not turning this into a bullet journaling blog, there are so many great ones already out there to choose from!  However, since this is a current interest of mine, I thought I would update you on how it is working out for me.  I'll probably begin posting about bullet journaling monthly to show you what is working, … Continue reading Bullet Journal – Review

What Not to Say (To a Woman with HG)

The main reason I wanted to post about my Hyperemesis Gravidarium pregnancy is so that I could then write about the things that people should and shouldn't say to me or any other woman with this condition.  Consider this a PSA on how not to talk to women with HG. Don't mention how nice it is … Continue reading What Not to Say (To a Woman with HG)

Living with HG

Note: I'll be going into some specifics of my life related to pregnancy and a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarium.  If this post doesn't interest you, please move along now.  ^.^ Learning that you are pregnant (when you want to be) is an amazing feeling.  Excitement mixes with nerves and you become so jazzed up that … Continue reading Living with HG

Bullet Journaling

I love using day/week/month planners, but have always found them to be far too rigid.  I usually end up with a weekly planner, a food and exercise tracker, and at least one or two other notebooks with things like grocery lists and to-do lists of various types.  As an artist, I also tend to carry … Continue reading Bullet Journaling

Nursery Themes

I began thinking about how I would decorate my first child's nursery pretty much as soon as my biological clock began making some noise, around five years ago.  By the time I found out I was pregnant I had the future nursery theme narrowed down to three ideas. Idea one, while cool for a kids room, would be perhaps … Continue reading Nursery Themes

Life is a Pyramid

There is some recent interest online in a book donating program that seems to share some similarities to traditional pyramid schemes and it is getting negative press.  Since I have a slightly unpopular opinion about pyramids in general, I decided to share my thoughts on the matter. While I'm not participating in the book exchange and have … Continue reading Life is a Pyramid


I've been a homemaker now for almost 8 years, ever since I married JT, my high school sweetheart.  Newsflash: I'm terrible at it.  I don't clean much, I don't cook near as often as I would like to, I'm not even good at keeping laundry going.  I am however really good at reorganizing everything over … Continue reading Homemaking