The SAHM (Or SAHD) Life

My job title is now stay-at-home-mom (SAHM), but what does that mean?  I think it's different for everyone who finds themselves in this position. As a first time mom to an almost 4 month old, for me it means: I don't get near enough sleep even though I'm "in bed" from about 7:30PM until 5:30AM … Continue reading The SAHM (Or SAHD) Life

What Not to Say (To a Woman with HG)

The main reason I wanted to post about my Hyperemesis Gravidarium pregnancy is so that I could then write about the things that people should and shouldn't say to me or any other woman with this condition.  Consider this a PSA on how not to talk to women with HG. Don't mention how nice it is … Continue reading What Not to Say (To a Woman with HG)

Living with HG

Note: I'll be going into some specifics of my life related to pregnancy and a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarium.  If this post doesn't interest you, please move along now.  ^.^ Learning that you are pregnant (when you want to be) is an amazing feeling.  Excitement mixes with nerves and you become so jazzed up that … Continue reading Living with HG


I've been a homemaker now for almost 8 years, ever since I married JT, my high school sweetheart.  Newsflash: I'm terrible at it.  I don't clean much, I don't cook near as often as I would like to, I'm not even good at keeping laundry going.  I am however really good at reorganizing everything over … Continue reading Homemaking