Reality of PAX with a Baby

This past weekend was a real eye opener for JT and me. Every year since we moved to the Pacific Northwest we have gone to PAX West (or Prime as it used to be called).  We wander around the expo hall seeing what is new in the gaming world and playing a few.  We occasionally … Continue reading Reality of PAX with a Baby

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game – Review

You may remember that we have a subscription service for board games which ships a new (to us) game every month.  The game of the month was featured at our first board game night -- at least our first since Gem was born.  We had a great time, and ended up with 11 people and 4 babies under our roof!  I was a little … Continue reading Pathfinder Adventure Card Game – Review

Letter Tycoon – Review

We are always on the look out for new and interesting games, but being busy and sort of trapped at home with a new baby means that we can't spend hours trying out new games at our local game shop.  For Christmas I thought it would be fun to get JT a subscription service that delivers one … Continue reading Letter Tycoon – Review