Website Maintenance

So you may have noticed my absence lately and that is for a few reasons.

  • I’m working on some back-end blog reform!  I’m making the switch to from  I’ve changed my web hosting service so hopefully there is limited downtime.  I’ll be spending some time working on a better blog design, so things might move around a little.  And I’m doing a ton of reading successful blog tips and tricks that I hope to be implementing over the next few weeks!
  • JT was out of town at GDC (Game Developers Conference) for a week, and my mom came into town to help out while he was MIA.  It was really great to have her here since Gem has a lot more personality now then she did when my mom was here last (when Gem was a week old).  Having JT out was hard for Gem because he has been the only constant in her life other then me, so she was a bit fussier then normal.
  • Gem is going through her 4 month growth spurt which essentially means I haven’t slept for longer then 45 minutes in a few weeks, which is definitely catching up with me.  Luckily things are now starting to get back to normal so I get almost 3 hours in one stretch!  Woo!  …Oh the things that you enjoy once you have kids.

I hope to be back up and posting regularly and to even increase to two posts a week in the next couple of weeks.  Stick it out with me and I promise it will get better!


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